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Hi there.

DC has just given some new statements... I'll try to compress to the important facts:

1. All accountbalances will be fixed. Everyone who's account is wrong should post his username and the missing amount in DC's forum. It'll take tame, but all accounts will be fixed...
2. PayOut is $10 minimum for ALL users and open all the time.
3. If you were a preium member and your account show now free member send an email with the username and the payment proof from paypal.
4. PayPal is no longer accepted. You can user Alertpay for payout and purchase, LibertyReserve ONLY for purchases, MoneyBooker ONLY for purchases (they don't allow PTC's), GoogleCheckout for credit card purchases. Other debit cards are not accepted at the moment but will be possible in the near future.
5. You can now email your refs. But misuse (spamming or downlinemailing) will be punished :)

Any further infos can be found at DailyClicks.biz

That all folks at the moment...

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