MyPayScript.com - Unauthorised Claim By FBI

Well... has anyone funds transferred to MyPayscripts ? If you have done you should quickly check your account and transfer your funds...

Look what they've written on their startpage:

Unauthorised Claim By FBI 27th Mar 08
MyPayScript has been contacted by the police, we are currently going through some police procedures due to some recent impact with funding from other users. Payments cannot be transferred until this procedure has been finished. We advise you CASHOUT your money within the next 72 hours immediately. We are not in control of this right now. This is related to some fraud actions and may result in the closure of the site. We prefer you withdraw to PayPal to prevent any halts.

Have a nice day...


F*CK U cash2all... Welcome to the scam...

Dear cash2all,

first you've been there with cash2all.cn and some days later you've moved to .info with your stuff... ok. all stats have been moved, too. After that you mentioned somethin about desgin-changes... But since a few days there's only mysql-probs shown.

I've supported you, but this is OVER!

Welcome to the scam-universe and may alls asskicks be with you...

Hope to see you never again :)


isabelmarcos fixed their probs with hoster...

Hi Folks.

been a few days on the road... but now I'm back with new power and some fresh infos...

Isabelmarco's has fixed their Probs with the hoster and is back with lots of ads and fast as usual.
And now it's your turn to join this very good PTC and start earning. Remember the payout of $9 which is reachable with many ads in just a few days...


isabelmarcos having probs with hoster...

And another one with probs today...

We are having problems with our hosting company - We are working hard to sort it out. all your money and accounts are safe, we will be back soon, please bear with us

We'll see what will happen...
Hope they'll be back soon...

SCAM ? iBux.ca shutted down!

Today I found following message at ibux.ca:

I received this via Fedex this afternoon I'm very sorry to everyone. I was onthe verge of tears, and I saw a lawyer within 1 hour of seeing this letter. I was advised to shut down the site imeediately, otherwise I will be aboce my head in a lawsuit. I have spent countless amount of effort and hours on end to make this a great place. I'm sorry to everyone. I will cancel the URL by Friday midnight to avoid aggrevating the situation. I will refund monies paiid in the past few days and large purchase. I was advised not to conduct any further business with any of my "clients" in the near future to avoid problems. Put yourself in my shoes... I'm sorry, I feel very ashamed, I did not know any of this, I tried my best. You may throw the word "Scammer" around, but I am not, and I have never had bad intentions. The email address, support@ibux.ca will be active for a short period of time. PLEASE SEND ONE EMAIL if you made a recent purchase, I will refund as much as I can. I will miss this place, I know you must feel angry. I love you all, and appreciate that you trusted me and this site. I don't blame you.

So you should decide by yourself if it's scam or not. For my intention it should be possible to change the name and continue business... but I'm not ibux...

Further Infos and the Scan of the document can be found at ibux.ca.

"Classic" DailyClicks seems to be ok...

Seems all problems are gone now... the last few days there were only a few errors when clicking an ad and the advertisers are back, too.

So keep on earning and join under my ref, plz.

*NEW* Dailyclicks Pro

DailyClicks has openened a new PTC. DailyClicks Pro.
Good startup and new chance to earn real money...

$0.01/Click Payout to AlertPay at a minimum of $10

Will be grwoing fast... Be part of the beginning!


WOW... so many ads... everyday...

That's pretty fast business... earned nearly $1 by my OWN clicks! And that's in a few days!
That's pretty nice...
So you mustn't wait any longer! Join now and start making money really fast...


Almost back from Script-Change...

Hi Folks. When I say almost it means almost... SimpleStash is back, but some functions are not completly implemented and they're working hard on it... (hoppefully...*g*).

But all stats are backed up and restored. No ref lost, no click lost...
The new design is ok, but a little bit confusing at some points...
May in a few days they'll be like before...

One very important thing I'm still missing...


Another good one ...

Online since a few weeks and it's working fine. So I decided to bring it on the blog...
$0.01 per visited WebSite, same when you ref will visit the Site. $0.05 signup-bonus and a minimum payout of $10 to Alertpay.
Good, fast, reliable... don't wait, join bux3 plz.


*Just opened* EasyClick.ca

A new star on the PTC-Sky is born a few hours ago...

EasyClick.ca is owned by the trusted owner of Clicksia and Incentria... these are your expected earnings:
Free Member Click: $0.0025, Referral: $0.00125
Premium Member Click: $0.005, Referral: $0.0025
Already 13 Ads since launch!
Minimum Payout: $2 via AlertPay within 3 business days
Support Forum and Ticketsystem for all your questions.

Be one of the first users and join under my ref plz.


*NEW* •Isabelmarco's Moneymaker•

Good looking brand new PTC with very high possible earnings!
More than 20 ad's a day.
1cent/klick and .6c per referal klick.
Payout minimum $9 via AlertPay.
More to say... hmmm... oh yes! The site is available in 6 diffenrent languages...
Now start earning today and join under my ref plz.


Something for fun :)

Play around with the spider :)

Masterbux is working...

Masterbux is doing some technical updates and server moving... the server is up, and when you enter the site you will geht a temporarily link to the new server.
It's working fine!

Get on clicking masterbux. A very good PTC!

Not a member by now ? Join under my ref, plz.


Want a new domain ? buxland.net seems to be gone...

And now I proudly present the very new scammer...

Buxland has packed their things and our klicks and left to... hmmm... who knows...

Welcome to the scamlist...

cash2all is working on their design...

The message on their page is following:

We are currently making modifications in the design , so if you are facing any difficulties then please report it to us using the contact us form

So we will see if this is an temporarily downtime. Otherwise... no, let's not paint it black... :)

Feel free to join under my ref when they're back.

Thnx an have a nice weekend...


DailyClicks raise counter to 100.000 members...

Looked on the DailyClicks-Site today and saw: 75.483 Members... hmmm... haven't they written they close at 75k-Members ? Sure they did, but now the stop will be at 100.000 Members... wow...

Another nearly 25k-refs for me ? *g*

Ok, so let's start a little bit lower and join under my ref... nothing to loose...



Just opened! BuddyPond

A new PayPal-Verified PTC has just opened their doors. Looks very nice and is pretty fast. After a few days already 2500 Members... no buddys... they call them buddys :)

So you should join and be part of this fresh PTC.

At the moment they pay 0.5ct per website visit and 0.2ct per buddy website visit. They don't sell buddys, but there are contests and they give away randomly unsponsored buddys.
The minimum payout to paypal is $5. Other payouts are egold (min. $10 no fee), Walmart gift card (min. $22, 2$ fee), Amazon gift card (min. $10.50, $0.50 fee), Cashout to Check (min. $10, $1.50 fee), money order (min. $20, $2 fee), Visa Gift card ($22, $2 fee) and last not least: BuddyPond Credits with no fee at a $5 minimum. With those credits you can upgrade your account or advertise. Buddy credits can be payed with PP egold or google check out...

May I forgot something... no problem, just join and be my newest buddy! You have nothing to loose!


DailyClick will close Registration at 75.000 Members....

DailyClicks has grown fast in the last months, but they reached their capacity as it seems...

On their site there's the following statement:

DailyClicks.biz Will Be Closing Its Doors At 75,000 Members!Registration Will Be Closed - More Info Will Be Available Soon.

So you should join quickly if you haven't done by now and try to get some refs before the reigstration will be closed... At the moment (about 5 Minutes ago... the count showed "Total Members: 73743" so you can still get 1256 refs at the moment after joining under my reflink *g*

OK, now klick over and join DailyClicks plz.


New PTC - 10bux

A new ptc has opened for clicking ads...
Looks very similar to bux.to but uses other colors.

$0.01 per click / 100 % referral and a very low payout at 1$ for the first 100 requests. After that opening-low-payout it'll be fixed at 10$.

We'll see how long it will be online... :)

Feel free to join under my reflink, plz.

Update: In his Forum the admin said he's as well the owner of paidclicks.ws

Dailyclicks with mysql-errors

What is going on with DC again...
They're having massive probs with their mysql-database. Seems it's to small to serve all database-connections... Sometimes everything is fine, other times you have to click and ad five times...

Let's see where this new prob will bring us...

Keep on clicking...

I'm back....

Hi there.

Back from my short vacation I'm looking around at the moment what has happened and will post some news later...

Keep on clicking, plz :)


PaidBux.org is Scam!

Let's kick another PTC to the Scam-List.
PaidBux.org's admin took members money and left everything behind.
There's no info, no site, no news... Just Scam-Shit... and an empty WebSite.
If he/she comes back, ignore him/her!

Hit$4bux has been hacked!

Hit$4bux's admin gave the Info, that their site was hacked. Till the close the gap in their script there will be no ads for a few days.

After fixing the script we're expecting new ads.

May you join under my ref to start earning when they're back with ads... thx!

Holiday... :)

Hi there...

next week there will be no updates cause I'm on vacation to denmark.

I'm expecting a very interesting trip to the ribe viking center and some other places where vikings lived a few years ago :) I was there last year and it was very interesting...

Till then I'll try to update as usual :)


Some days went by and I was to busy to update this blog... but today there's a new tip to a good PTC for you. Velocity has some nice features:

- Up to 1 cent per click
- 100% Downline Earnings (Upgradable)
- 13+ Guaranteed Ads Everyday
- User-Friendly Interface
- Clean, Sleek, design
- Fast and Secured Servers
- Integrated SSL
- Personal Information Encrypted
- Exceptional Support Staff
- CashOut at $2 till 8th of feb.

In addition there's a forum with an active admin, live support (when online), a ticket system for any support question and a knowledgebase for advertisers and Members with a few entries at the moment...

Looks very nice and proper build on a fast server.

So plz join under my ref and start earning.

Oh, forgot the payout... AlertPay or E-Gold are accepted...


i$bux is back, too

And another PTC is back after some days of downtime.
i$bux came up today on my screen with 18 ads. God restart :)

Earnings are 1ct/ad and 100% ref earnings. PayOut at $10 minimum.
Still using paypal as payout provider. Let's see what will happen in the nearer future.

Plz join using my reflink. Thx

cash2all is back with new domain!

Hey seems getting better everyday. Another one has come back.
Today it's cash2all and they switched to a new domain.
But all stats has been transfered and looks fine.

Still 1ct/click and 100% ref bonus. Payment everyday with Alertpay, liberty reserve and EPAYAREA (E-GOLD). Minimum payout is $3.

So let's support them... plz join using my ref.


buxland.net is back

Another PTC has survived the paypal-crisis :)
Reopened without surfads a few days ago, buxland is now completly back.
And like the others... no more paypal.. Alertpay or e-gold is accepted by them.

Upgrading to premium until 1st of feb will give you 1,5ct/click. After 1st of feb it's 1,25ct/click.
And the ad prices are low till 1st of feb, too... refer to buxland for further infos.

Please use my ref to join buxland...


*NEW* YAYClicks *NEW*


Welcome to the new PTC yayclick.
They just started on 27th of Jan with their service and we hope it'll run well.

They pay $0.01 per click and 100% for refs. PayOut at $10 vie PayPal. Yes, paypal...
They talked a long time with paypal about the actual problem that many ptc's ran in the last few weeks. So you can't buy refs via paypal but use your income to buy refs.

OK, now join YAYCLICK using my reflink plz get a bonus for signing up and start earning money today.


News from DailyClicks

Hi there.

DC has just given some new statements... I'll try to compress to the important facts:

1. All accountbalances will be fixed. Everyone who's account is wrong should post his username and the missing amount in DC's forum. It'll take tame, but all accounts will be fixed...
2. PayOut is $10 minimum for ALL users and open all the time.
3. If you were a preium member and your account show now free member send an email with the username and the payment proof from paypal.
4. PayPal is no longer accepted. You can user Alertpay for payout and purchase, LibertyReserve ONLY for purchases, MoneyBooker ONLY for purchases (they don't allow PTC's), GoogleCheckout for credit card purchases. Other debit cards are not accepted at the moment but will be possible in the near future.
5. You can now email your refs. But misuse (spamming or downlinemailing) will be punished :)

Any further infos can be found at DailyClicks.biz

That all folks at the moment...

What's up buxer.org ?

Just a few days ago buxer.org was back from nirvana and what's up today ?
Some stupid links and the domain buxer.org is parked...

Think we can move buxer.org to the scamlist...

paid.vg is complete...

They're back completly and there're new clickads on their page.
Like most PTC's PayPal is not longer accepted. Only Alertpay.
So join paid.vg and start earnings...

Have a nice week...


buxer.org is reopened...

Wow, another PTC-Site is back... buxer.org has reopened today.
Now with AlertPay as only cashout provider.
Still no AlertPay-Acc ? Join here for free...

buxer.org restored all stats like most other PTC's.
Low payout of $1 minimum and nice offers of premium membership at $14.95 or refpacks at $9.95 (15 active refs). And they still guarantee the activity of purchased refs. Inactive refs will be changed on request.

So... don't wait any longer and join buxer.org...

adbux.org is back

After 5 1/2 days adbux is back online and has moved to a new provider with faster servers. Everything seems to be running fine and fast as promised.

All stats are restored and nothing seems to be lost in the few days of outage.

In addition they closed payout via paypal and will use AlertPay for pending payouts only. Do you already have an AlertPay-Account? Sign in here and be prepared for future payments of the most PTC-Sites.

OK, welcome back adbux!


What's up with DailyClicks....

DailyClicks is still one of the best rated PTC-WebSites... but how long will this last...

First, they raised the PayOut-Minimum to $20. Ok, better than getting nothing... ehm... and that's the actual situation... at least it look's like something like that.
Next DC is offline for a few days and when they're back, there are all credits gone... well that's not really nice, guys... You bought refs ? OK, hope that there're still those refs in your account...
You bought premium ? Fine. As the DC staff mentioned per email you should mail them your username and a copy of the receipt with the subject premium member.
Well... I'm not the very best database-guru... but have you guys heard about backup ?
All credits gone and everyone should start at zero level ?

Think about to continue with DC or click anywhere else... :)

Just in case... please use my ref to rejoin DC *g*

paid.vg is back online

Hello clicking friends out there.
In the turbulences the laste days we were afraid, that paid.vg is one of the new scams, or just closing due to the paypal-prob.
But it seems to be good with paid.vg. They are back online... not completely, but almost the login is working an all the old stats are alive.
Let's hope, it'll be normal the next few days.


ti$erbux is reported as a well and really fast paying PTC-Site.
Not so many ad's to click at the moment... but when they pay... better wait one mor day if it's not scam. ti$serbux is reported to server up to 20 Ad's a day... hope so :)
Let's go and start earning there :)


MasterBux - Paid4Clicks or signup

New and fresh PTC-WebSite with good earning and fast server.

Free Users:
$0.01 per viewed ad, $0.30 per SignUp, 50% RefBonus and a SignUp-Bonus of $0.09 at once.
Premium Users:
$0.012 per viewed ad, $0.30 per SignUp, 100% RefBonus and a SignUp-Bonus of $0.09 at once.

SignUp-Bonus of $0.09 at once

Up to 20 ads per day.

Join $ earn quickly :)

Alertpay - Accepted by most PTC

At the Moment paypal is verifying many accounts and many PTC's accounts are blocked till further notice. Some of them already switched to Alertpay as only payment-provider...

To request your money as fast as usual you should create an alertpay account immidiatly!

Free to use, send money to nearly every email-adress... further details at alterpay's Site.

Don't wait, creat your Account for safe payment...


Is bux.to the No1 PTC-WebSite ? Well, if it's not it's really close to No1.

Very reliable and many payouts since opening. Best rated in many Blogs and forums. PayOut at $10 minimum.

You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal.

Up to 20 ads per day as free member!

Don't wait... sign in... :)


DailyClicks is one of the best rated PTC-WebSites with many reported PayOuts!

Fast and reliable and many ads every day.

Get paid $0.01 for each visit to our advertiser's websites.
Upgraded Members earn $0.02 for every link clicked.

Free Members Get - $0.0050 - For Every Referral Click!
Upgraded Members Get - $0.01 - For Every Referral Click!

Be part of it and start earning NOW!


Another fast and reliable PTC-WebSite.

More than 12 Thounsand Members and PayOut of over 2300$ since opening in Nov '07.

You receive 0.2-1.0 ct for every viewed Ad and 50% for your refs. Upgrades members get 100% Ref-Bonus. Low PayOut at only 3$ !

Join NOW and start making money...

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