What's up with DailyClicks....

DailyClicks is still one of the best rated PTC-WebSites... but how long will this last...

First, they raised the PayOut-Minimum to $20. Ok, better than getting nothing... ehm... and that's the actual situation... at least it look's like something like that.
Next DC is offline for a few days and when they're back, there are all credits gone... well that's not really nice, guys... You bought refs ? OK, hope that there're still those refs in your account...
You bought premium ? Fine. As the DC staff mentioned per email you should mail them your username and a copy of the receipt with the subject premium member.
Well... I'm not the very best database-guru... but have you guys heard about backup ?
All credits gone and everyone should start at zero level ?

Think about to continue with DC or click anywhere else... :)

Just in case... please use my ref to rejoin DC *g*

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