Just opened! BuddyPond

A new PayPal-Verified PTC has just opened their doors. Looks very nice and is pretty fast. After a few days already 2500 Members... no buddys... they call them buddys :)

So you should join and be part of this fresh PTC.

At the moment they pay 0.5ct per website visit and 0.2ct per buddy website visit. They don't sell buddys, but there are contests and they give away randomly unsponsored buddys.
The minimum payout to paypal is $5. Other payouts are egold (min. $10 no fee), Walmart gift card (min. $22, 2$ fee), Amazon gift card (min. $10.50, $0.50 fee), Cashout to Check (min. $10, $1.50 fee), money order (min. $20, $2 fee), Visa Gift card ($22, $2 fee) and last not least: BuddyPond Credits with no fee at a $5 minimum. With those credits you can upgrade your account or advertise. Buddy credits can be payed with PP egold or google check out...

May I forgot something... no problem, just join and be my newest buddy! You have nothing to loose!


Graham Matthews said...

I like your blog. You have lots of great opportunities here!
Have you tried Free Money Team yet? Its a downline club for promoting several ptc's with one link. Its a great way to gain lots of extra referrals, since its so easy to just promote one link.
If you need any help with it, let me know.

bergmann4711 said...

Thnx for your good review. I'll try to keep my blog up to date. Feel free to mention my blog everywhere... I'll take a look at free money team.


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