SCAM ? iBux.ca shutted down!

Today I found following message at ibux.ca:

I received this via Fedex this afternoon I'm very sorry to everyone. I was onthe verge of tears, and I saw a lawyer within 1 hour of seeing this letter. I was advised to shut down the site imeediately, otherwise I will be aboce my head in a lawsuit. I have spent countless amount of effort and hours on end to make this a great place. I'm sorry to everyone. I will cancel the URL by Friday midnight to avoid aggrevating the situation. I will refund monies paiid in the past few days and large purchase. I was advised not to conduct any further business with any of my "clients" in the near future to avoid problems. Put yourself in my shoes... I'm sorry, I feel very ashamed, I did not know any of this, I tried my best. You may throw the word "Scammer" around, but I am not, and I have never had bad intentions. The email address, support@ibux.ca will be active for a short period of time. PLEASE SEND ONE EMAIL if you made a recent purchase, I will refund as much as I can. I will miss this place, I know you must feel angry. I love you all, and appreciate that you trusted me and this site. I don't blame you.

So you should decide by yourself if it's scam or not. For my intention it should be possible to change the name and continue business... but I'm not ibux...

Further Infos and the Scan of the document can be found at ibux.ca.

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